Reykjavik- the Smoky Bay- a great escape !
With only 200.000 inhabitants it maintains a feeling of calm and spaciousness.
A grand northern city encircled by the Blue Mountains, whose beauty one can’t help but contemplate- topped by the Esja peak at 914 m.

Reykjavik has many museums of history and art, as well as contemporary art galleries.
Concerts and festivals are regular events in the life of the city, as “Airwaves” in autumn, and the famous “Reykjavik Arts Festival” in spring.

The streets of the capital are lined with boutiques and resaurants, just a few minutes walk from the apartment.

You will have a chance to try typical Icelandic cuisine.

The incredible Icelandic landscape is only a few minutes from the city center.

The famous Blue Lagoon (you shouldn’t miss it!) is nearby. There you can bath in thermal waters at the temp. of 38-42° C, all year round.
Nearby you also have the Solfatares in Krysuvik, and the Saltfish Museum in Grindavik.

Visiting Geysir and Gullfoss is also worthwhile. With Thingvellir, this is called the Golden circle. Thingvellir, the site of the ancient parliament, now beautifully situated in a national park, is only 1h drive from Reykjavik.
Whatever the time of year, you can find a reason to discover Iceland.

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